Growing wealth through property

Kiwis have always had a love-affair with investing in bricks and mortar and the benefits are obvious. Property represents a tangible and reliable investment and the management is well understood. We can help you get the best investment loan to grow your property portfolio. 

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We understand that just like finding the right tenant, getting the right investment loan is a critical component to a successful investment. That’s why we have access to a wide panel of lenders that suit every borrower. From standard residential investment loans to complex commercial property funding- we do it all.

Residential Property Investment

The go-to property choice for many successful property investors.

However, there is still plenty to think about. Are you looking to buy-to-sell or buy-to-hold? Some properties provide opportunities to buy, do-up and make a short term capital gain, while others are more attractive for a long term hold.  Deciding on the right investment strategy for you plays a big part on the properties you invest in. LVR restrictions, Bright Line tests, security ring-fencing and tax structures are also considerations that need to align to your investment strategy. 

Even with RBNZ restrictions there are still plenty of options to get the funding to suit your investment profile; which can include 80% funding on residential lending.

The right mix and formulating the right investment strategy will help achieve a good outcome.

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Commercial Property Investment

Commercial property investing can offer excellent returns to savvy investors. Lower deposits, higher yields, no-to-low operating expenses and longer leases are just some of the reasons why so many investors are choosing to diversify their portfolios with commercial property.

Gaining a deep understanding of both the tenants and the property is critical to ensure the investment meets your risk profile and obtaining suitable funding.

Home away from home

Just like owning their own home, Kiwis dream of owning a holiday house by the beach, on the lake or deep in the country. It opens up the ability to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, create family memories and provides an option for retirement further down the track. 

Short-term online rental options mean you can use the property when you want, and when it’s not being used, you can get an investment return. The best of both worlds really.

More and more, we see people use the equity in their city homes to help purchase homes away from home.

Next time you’re planning your family holiday, give us a call.

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